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About SDU

The University of Southern Denmark in 2030

Groundbreaking. Transformative. Motivating. Value-adding. Outstanding. These are keywords for the future at the University of Southern Denmark. In 2030, we are still recognised as a multi-faculty university clearly rooted in the Region of Southern Denmark. We are a top international university – known and recognised for our outstanding research.  We will focus on creating and disseminating new knowledge that shapes the society of the future and addresses the major challenges.

It’s about creating movement and positive change — both at the University and in the outside world.  We do this not only through research, but also through education and innovation. We stand for the attractive learning environments that foster unique talents; the sought-after and value-creating graduates and researchers. We co-create, communicate and create innovation that enlightens the public and promotes growth, welfare and development.

Editing was completed: 02.11.2023