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SDU's New Institutional Accreditation 2020 (NIA20) - Postponed due to corona virus

“Does institutional accreditation have anything to do with me?” Yes, institutional accreditation involves everyone at SDU. Institutional accreditation is about the university's ability to ensure and develop the quality and relevance of its education programmes. All of us – students, administrative staff, university teachers, researchers and managers – have an important part to play in this work.  Read below how SDU's quality work is assessed and when and how you can get involved in the New Institutional Accreditation 2020 (NIA20).


Institutional accreditation – what is it?

To achieve institutional accreditation, SDU must demonstrate that our quality work system meets externally established criteria for ensuring quality and relevance. These are statutory provisions and they are described in the accreditation Executive Order and are implemented in the guidance regarding institutional accreditation. 

In addition, we must show that our system meets a number of internally stipulated requirements regarding SDU’s work with educational quality. These are described in SDU’s quality policy.

This is how SDU's quality work is assessed

The decision on SDU's application for new institution accreditation is made on the recommendation of an accreditation panel. The accreditation panel assesses SDU's quality work on the basis of written documentation and two visits by the panel to the university.

The written documentation consists, among other things, of an institutional report that contains a description of the quality system, as well as management's reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of the university's quality work. The two visits by the panel take place over a total of five days. During the visits, the accreditation panel will meet with SDU's management, university teachers and students to gain an insight into the quality work in practice. 

Important dates in the process

2 March 2020:
Submission of SDU's Institutional Report and application for New Institutional Accreditation.

19 - 20 March 2020 (postponed to 17. - 18. June 2020):
First visit by the panel, when the accreditation panel meets with SDU's management as well as with university teachers and students who have knowledge of the quality work at SDU.

6 April 2020 (postponed):
Announcement of audit trails for the second visit by the panel. The purpose of an audit trail is to illustrate how the quality assurance work meets expectations within a defined area of the accreditation criteria.

17 - 19 June 2020 (postponed):
Second visit by the panel, when management representatives, students and university teachers for selected audit trails will meet with the accreditation panel.

How do I prepare?

When the accreditation panel visits SDU, the panel will ask selected representatives questions regarding day-to-day quality work. One of these representatives may be you, so how do you prepare for it?

If you are selected for an audit trail, you will be notified on 6 April, and you, along with your other selected colleagues, will receive a separate introduction to the audit trail.

Until then, you can refresh your knowledge of SDU’s work, with educational quality by following the links on this page. You are also always welcome to contact the NIA20 project team members.

A brief explanation of institutional accreditation

Watch a brief video about the institution accreditation


Introduction to SDU's quality system

Read folder about SDU's quality system


NIA20 process plan and information

Learn more about the process and read the latest news on NIA20 SharePoint


The faculties’ work with educational quality

Read about how SDU's faculties and education programmes work with educational quality


Contact the project group

Project managers Maria Vonsild (STS), Anne Lønne (STS), Stinne Hørup Hansen (STS), Christian Grud (SUND), Gitte Toftgaard Jørgensen (NAT), Lone Granhøj (HUM), Morten Vestergaard-Lund (SAMF)

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