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Assurance of learning – overall philosophy

SDU BSS' overall quality assurance system is referred to as our Assurance of Learning system. All activities and measures to assure quality in our educational programmes are thus referred to as ”Assurance of Learning”.

Assurance of learning at SDU BSS consists of direct and indirect measures:

  • Indirect AoL measures cover the different kind of input normally used for programme and course review like the biennial educational reports, evaluations, grades etc.
  • Direct AoL measures is an additional kind of measure done every 4 years by assessing individual students' performance on programme-specific learning goals, normally through bachelor projects, master's thesis etc.

Our assurance of learning process can be depicted as shown below. The model is in fact another version of the Plan-Do-Check-Act-model (PDCA), a problem-solving iterative method for improving processes and products continuously. The PDCA has also formed the basis for the classic AoL-model that is frequently used by AACSB. 


Last Updated 22.09.2023