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Use this unique opportunity to combine studies with cultural experiences and travelling. Be a part of one of the best learning environments in Europe and meet our inspiring professors who will teach you the latest within academics and research.

Enjoy and explore the happy spirit of Denmark and take part in the lively programme of social and cultural activities in and around the cities of Odense and Sønderborg, arranged by the SDU International Summer School.


All courses are open to Danish and international full-time students, exchange students and guest students. SDU offers all students enrolling in the SDU International Summer School accommodation service and visa service.

The SDU International Summer School will in 2024 offer courses in Odense, Kolding, and Sønderborg (with the majority taking place in Odense and Sønderborg), and you will be a part of a truly international learning environment giving you a network of friends all over the world.


Complete list of courses offered at SDU International Summer School

Joining SDU International Summer School means a lot of interesting academic work but also the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the famous fairy tale writer H.C. Andersen. If you should have the opportunity to extend your stay beyond our Summer School, you will get the chance to join in on some of the festivities in the H.C. Andersen Festivals taking place in the city of Odense in mid-August.


Quick facts

Orientation and welcome:
3 August 2024

Course period:
5 August - 16 August 2024

Application start:
1 February, 2024

Application deadline:
1 May, 2024

No tuition fees for exchange students nominated through relevant exchange agreements

Course level
5 ECTS advanced bachelor level and graduate level

Last Updated 12.06.2024