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Vision - To Improve Human Health

The extraordinary opportunities offered by the New OUH/SDU to optimize cross-disciplinary research will provide University of Southern Denmark (SDU) with a national and international position of strength in translational research.

Translational research refers to an optimal interaction between basic and clinical research. It will boost the quality of the research and strengthen the implementation of new research in society, particularly in the area of health, as well as contributing to innovation in education and business.

New OUH/SDU will create synergies between the university and the new Odense University hospital (OUH), with the goal of creating better research, better treatment and better education. Ultimately, it will also contribute to improving human health, which is the declared visionary goal of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The collaboration between OUH and SDU will take place with all five faculties of the university, and it is this interdisciplinary matrix that is unique and offers special potential for new research and innovation.

About New HEALTH

New HEALTH is the physical link between SDU and New OUH. It will house the Faculty of Health Sciences activities now located at Winsløwparken in Odense, plus the Departments of Psychology and Anatomy, which are currently situated elsewhere on campus.


The Region of Southern Denmark is constructing a new University Hospital in Odense - New OUH. New OUH will be linked structurally with the University of Southern Denmark in a north- and southbound axis with highly specialised research facilities.

Learn more about New OUH here.

Last Updated 18.08.2021