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Good interaction at SDU BSS

At SDU BSS we view interactions between students and lecturers as a collaboration with focus on learning, where all involved parties strive towards and take their share of responsibility for the success of the collaboration.

Mutual expectations
  • We show respect for other people’s work, opinion, and person, we agree to:
    - listen to each other
    - respect diversity
    - avoid making derogatory comments
    - provide arguments to support our standpoint
    - if necessary, further specify our expectations regarding the collaboration.
  • We respect deadlines for both formal and informal assignments.
  • We comply with SDU’s Common Code of Conduct.
Expectations of the student
  • I participate actively in class and ask questions as optimal learning - both individual and mutual - is based on presence and active participation.
  • I show up for lectures, seminars, and workshops - prepared and on time.
Expectations of the lecturer
  • I strive to maximize students’ learning through well-structured teaching and constructive feedback.
  • I answer students’ questions related to the subject within a reasonable timeframe.

Futher information
For further information on SDU’s underlying pedagogic principles click here.

Last Updated 28.11.2023