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Welcome to SDU Library

For most students at SDU, the SDU Library plays an important role in your daily life: 


Your easy access to materials

The library offers

· Access to books, journals and other resources – online and printed
· Guidance in information retrieval – at the information counters and over the phone. Book a librarian when you are writing your Bachelor’s project or Master's thesis
· Courses in study technique and academic writing as well as introductions to specific tools and much more.

Find all our offers at

Study life
Use the library as a framework for your student and study life. At the library, you can use our reading rooms when you work on your own and our study cells when you are working in groups. If you need a place to hang out and relax between classes drop by with your fellow students for a game in our board game café.
Through the year the library arranges several events such as quizzes, writing nights and the popular Global Christmas event.

Library introduction
In this little video librarian Jens says welcome to the library at Campus Odense:

How to search for books and materials at the library
Our kind student helpers Mikkel and Magnus have created a little video 'Introduction to searching the library’s materials'. Watch the video here:

Tour of Campus Library Odense
Our students Mikkel og Magnus have also created a virtuel tour, that you can watch here:

Stop by – and follow the library on Facebook
SDU Library is located at every campus. Each campus library offers the same high-quality service :-).

At you can stay updated on our events, happenings and general library information – all you have to do is give us a 'like'.

Last Updated 19.02.2024