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Management and strategy

At the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, we constantly strive to make high quality research relevant and valuable to our surroundings. The goal is to create value the mean is first and foremost high quality research. We make our research relevant by activating research ideas and -knowledge in our many bachelor- and master-programs and by cooperating directly with companies, public authorities and skilled colleagues at home and abroad. Finally, we make our knowledge accessible through media, councils, boards and committees and by participating in the public debate.

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences houses a total of 9,850 students, and the demand for our graduates is high.

In the deanship, we consider it our most important task to provide the right framework and prerequisites for our colleagues to succeed in their research- and education activities. It is our responsibility to ensure that the considerably potential of the faculty is realised. We prioritize a strategic direction with a focus on value creation – and we work purposefully on the implementation of SDU's commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development goals – but we prefer a decentralised realisation of the strategy over faculty initiatives.


The Deanship


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Strategy and Societal Relevance

Strategy of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.