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Work Packages

The cluster examines and addresses several research questions and projects of relevance to society. On this page, you can learn more about ongoing and future activities. We welcome all researchers and other actors with an interest in creativity and innovation in the context of digital transformation to join our cluster. Please contact the steering committee if you are interested.

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  • Digital Transformation of Industry

    Digital transformation is growing in importance for companies and industries. Digitalization of processes and work follows the general digital transformation of value chains and industries. This WP is interested in the role of born-digital technologies for organizing work, advancing creative and organizational processes, and advancing innovation. The WP further studies the use of digital technologies in implementation and evaluation of corporate policies. As digital technologies increasingly challenge, advance, hamper, and drive industrial and corporate change, the role of culture, law and ethics increases. Contact Niklas Woermann ( if you want to know more.  

  • Culture and Creativity in the Digital Age

    Creativity, lauded the most important career skill of the future, remains understudied and especially in the context of digitization. Examples of this include ways how digital transformation affects the emergence and development of creative activity and processes. The areas covered range from the arts, science to business and societies. This WP explores also the potential of digitization of cultural heritage for the preservation, dissemination and consumption of culture. Contact Karol J. Borowiecki ( if you want to know more.

  • Digitization and Media

    Digital transformation of (news) media: how to create media content, how to reinvent and reconceptualize media to ensure sustainability, how to harness digital technology to present the media product. Contact Arjen van Dalen ( if you want to know more.

  • Ethics and Law of Digital Transformations

    The theme of this WP is ethical and legal aspects of digital transformation. It focuses particularly on digital transformation processes, that is, the conception, development and implementation of digital technologies with societal significance. In contrast to standard approaches to technology assessment and digital ethics, it does not conceive of ethics as being mainly about risks and prohibitions, but explores how working with ethics and values can also be source of innovation and support rather than hamper digital transformations. Contact Søren Harnow Klausen ( if you want to know more  

Last Updated 13.03.2023