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We are offering master study programmes in English within IT product design, web communication design, tourism and strategic entrepreneurship and we are working closely across the disciplines. Not just in relation to the study programmes that offer the students competencies within both humanities and social sciences, but also in relation to researchers uniting in the university's major research venture SDU Design

SDU Design is the setting for projects investigating design in a interdisciplinary perspective. The current challenges may require innovative, technical solutions, but in return the solutions need to be communicated and become sustainable - businesswise as well as ethically and environmentally. SDU Design embraces the entire range in a unique, cross-disciplinary environment.

In August 2014, the activities moved into SDU's new campus in Kolding. Henning Larsen Architects have created an architectural beauty in the midst of Kolding's new campus area, right next to Design School Kolding and other significant education institutions. The large common areas in the building constitute an invitation for even more collaboration - across the disciplines, between researchers and the students, and between the university and the outside world - the business community, the municipality, the educational and cultural institutions.

Focus areas:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • Relationship management
  • Communication

Research and education within business economics is application oriented to a very high extent. One of the focus areas is Entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurship academy interAct is located on SDU Kolding, and in addition to the many Danish bachelor and master study programmes, SDU Kolding offers the master study programme MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship.

The field of Design is multi-faceted – from design culture studies to design management, from city and housing studies over service design to web design. The activities are often cross-disciplinary, and interdisciplinarity is also in focus at the SDU Design Centre, and Kolding School of Design and other local actors are involved. Theoretical and application oriented approaches are pivotal to the design study programmes, paving the way for jobs in the business community – with both national and international perspectives.

Relationship management is among the areas within business economics and focuses on management across companies and in networks. This is reflected in both research and education programmes within business marketing, supply chain, international finance and accounting and innovation. MSc in international business development, leadership and management, the English master study programme Strategic Entrepreneurship, business controlling and audit illustrate the wide selection of business education programme that SDU offers in Kolding.

With a wide selection of Communication study programmes, making use of the latest technology and knowledge of languages, communication, people and IT, SDU Kolding has a strong national and international profile. Business communication, information science, web communication intercultural communication, tourism and library science are all academic fields that are represented in research and education at SDU Kolding.

Last Updated 31.01.2022