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Below you will find general information concerning accommodation.

Our advice is that you begin to search for accommodation as soon as possible, as it can be difficult to find suitable accommodation especially if you are bringing your family. 

Most landlords requires that you pay the first month´s rent, a deposit and one month of prepaid rent, before you arrive. If you are staying for less than one month, some landlords will not require that you pay a deposit and prepaid rent. 

The deposit is typically the same amount as 3 months of rent. This acts as a guarantee for the expenses, there might be, when you move out from the apartment. Please note, you will typically have to pay for painting, as the accommodation must be freshly painted for the next tenant. Furthermore, you will have to pay for any broken or missing item, along with cleaning, in case this is not done sufficiently when you move out.

The prepaid rent is typically  1 to 3 months of rent. Prepaid rent is intended to be used from the time, you terminate the tenancy agreement, and until you move out of the apartment.


In Denmark, you usually have a three months termination period for your lease. This means, you will be liable for rent for three months after you have handed in your termination. Furthermore, you are often liable for the 14 days maintenance period following your date of moving-out. In other cases, your lease may be limited to a certain date. In that case, you do not have to hand in a termination, but simply move out in the expiration date specified in your contract.
Make sure to read your lease contract carefully and take note of the termination period.
In Denmark it is very common to take out contents insurance. If you choose not to take out insurance for your housing, you should be aware that there is no coverage for you in case of burglary or fire.

We strongly advise to use the accommodation offers that SDU provides. If you, however, decide to seek accommodation on your own, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Please be aware of unrealistic cheap accommodation offers in comparison to other accommodation offers in the neighbourhood.
  • Never pay money under the table in order to move up in the queue. It is illegal and you have no legal possibility to have your money back.
  • We strongly advise against using Western Union or other online payment services as your payment is untraceable and there is no possibility for you to have your money back.
  • Never pay rent or deposit upfront before having seen the accommodation.

The terms for housing differ slightly from campus to campus, please find more information below.

The Accommodation Office at SDU Odense may help you in finding a place to live. You can contact them by e-mail:
The Accommodation Office at Campus Esbjerg may help you in finding a place to live. You can contact them by e-mail:
The accommodation Office at Campus Kolding can help you in finding a place to live. You can contact them by e-mail:

You are welcome to contact the Accommodation Office at SDU for help to find a place to live in Denmark at:  

Please also check the housing associations in Sønderborg






Last Updated 31.08.2023