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Leaving Denmark

Important information and checklist to attend to before leaving Denmark.

Contact ISO

Some months prior to the end of your employment at the University of Southern Denmark, you are expected to start preparing for your departure. If you are employed on a time-limited contract, your last day of employment will be stated in your letter of employment. If you wish to terminate your employment prematurely, please inform the head of your department as well as the personnel department.

Before you leave Denmark, there are some practical matters, you need to attend. For more information, please have a look at

To be returned to the University of Southern Denmark
University ID card
Other items belonging to the university
Leave your new address with the personnel department or the salary office

As an EU/EEA-citizen ending a job at SDU but staying in Denmark you need to contact the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration for clarification of your grounds for residence.

Please find more information and contact information on their website.

Last Updated 04.01.2021