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Information for Students

The next Praktik- og Projektdag will be November 2nd 2021 hopefully it vil be a phycical fair. 

To find your next project, internship, job or study job please use SDU JOBBANK - guidelines can be found here

Internship and Project Day opens the doors for you into the engineering companies, making it easier for you to discover your next study job, project subject or internship / in-company stay. You will be able to meet up to 100 small and large companies on a single afternoon, so get your networking sales pitch ready together with your CV, business card and questions.

Engineer students sharing their experiences from PP day.

Participant lists from the previous three years:

  • On April 20th 2017 - 80 companies and organizations participated. See which companies participated here.
  • On October 31st 2017 - 107 companies and organizations participated. See which companies here .
  • On May 3rd 2018 - 93 companies and organizations participated. See who attended here .
  • On October 30th 2018 94 companies and organizations participated. See who attended here
  • On May 8th 2019 92 companies and organizations participated. See who attended here
  • On October 31st 2019 100 companies and organizations participated. See who attended here
  • On October 27th 2020 48 companies and organizations participated. See who attended Here
  • Follow the registration for the event 21 april 2021 here

Take advantage of this opportunity
Use the company list to prepare yourself for meeting the companies. Also for inspiration to connect yourself with a company if you miss a project or an internship in the spring semester.

All companies are particularly interested in getting in contact with engineering students.  Next time will be Wednesday April 21th 2020 at 12.00 - 15.30. You will be able to have an individual discussion with companies of your interest and specialty area, seeing what you can offer one another. Secret hint: The companies have more time for the in depth individual talk efter 14.00 

All participants are presented at the Facebook group:  Like or follow and you will have all updats in your feed.

Activities, when online:

The platform is MS Teams. The purpose of the event is to establish a meeting place for engineering students and companies, municipalities or other who wants to collaborate. The platform simulates a traditional fair where the students freely can join in for a chat a talk or just to listen to a presentation or follow a guided online tour in the company.

Individual meetings between engineering student and company can be agreed on for  later.

The meetings will not be recorded, but materials like presentations, documents or links will be available for the students for at two month period afterwards 

Activities, when physcal fair: 

Educational networking platform: The participating companies are permitted a stand of approx. 2 x 1.5 m2 with corresponding standing wall of approx. 2 x 1.5 m2 (W x H) and a small table and electricity. 

Mini Seminars:  The registered companies are offered to give a presentation during the PP Day. The subject must be based on a subject area that the  students may be interested in collaborating on - supplemented with information on how the given company works with on this subject area or what they are wanting to achieve in the future.  Each company will be given 20 minutes to make the presentation and + 5 minutes for questions and answers in an auditorium in the middle of the exhibition area. 

CV and Application Guidelines for Students: Career counselors from IDA and SDU, will be present and offer feedback to the students on their CV and applications.  Students can take a copy of this information to incorporate into their CV and applications.

  Come prepared:
  • Prepare yourself by researching your top interest companies to formulate specific questions, bring your business card, CV together with a good quick explanation of what is special about your education and interests.
  • Also prepare yourself by guiding which projects / internships you will be working on over the next semesters.


Last Updated 23.04.2021