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Your Library at Campus Kolding

Operating hours

Monday-Thursday: 9 AM. - 3 PM.

Friday 9 AM. - 2 PM.

Please note the library is without staff the following days:
  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Monday
  • General Prayer Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday
  • Constitution day (5th June)
  • University annual celebration (after 12.00) 
  • Last working day before Christmas (after 14:00)
  • Christmas Eve, all days between Christmas and New Year and New Year’s Eve’s day

About the Library

The campus library administrates the loan of books and journals from both its own collections and the other collections of the University Library of Southern Denmark. We also borrow materials from other libraries at home and abroad.
In addition to user guidance and the provision of literature, the library’s work includes the selection, acquisition, classification and cataloguing of books and journals within the campus library’s subject areas. New books and journals are prepared for loan and bound.
The staff carries out tasks within all subject areas and work processes. 

Collections: Design and Social Sciences

The library’s permanent stock of books and journals is primarily focused on serving students and researchers within the areas of design and the social sciences.
The library’s collection within business economics includes, for example, materials on business and finance, organisation and management, marketing, accounting, auditing, tax law, statistics and IT.
Within the field of design, the collection contains fiction in Design Theory, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Design Management, Architecture and Fashion.  


A good deal of the library’s stock of books and journals is directly accessible on open shelves so you can fetch the books you want to borrow yourself. (Bibliographies, reference works, handbooks and certain journals are, however, only for use on the premises).


The library has a quiet reading room with individual study spaces. The reading room is open 24/7, and is located on the third level just above the library. You can access via a staircase directly from the library or via the building's central staircase tower. Access to and from the library is closed outside the Library operating hours while access via the stair tower is open all the time.
There are access to PCs with internet access to search for materials, databases, journals and so on. There is also access to handbooks, bibliographies and reference books in the library.
The library has a self-service terminal, allowing you to borrow / pick up materials and even deliver them.
Outside the library there are access to the multifunction-machines for printing and copying.
At the library you can borrow keys to the lockers for storage of personal belongings. The lockers are located on level 1 at entrance C and at level 3 in the library's reading room.


University Library of Southern Denmark Kolding
Universitetsparken 1
6000 Kolding
Tel.: 6550 1437


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