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SDU’s quality system

The quality system is comprised of three main elements:

Quality policy

In its quality policy, SDU has formulated clear goals and requirements for its work with quality in education throughout SDU during the student's educational journey. From when a student starts at the university, through to completing their courses of study and continuing to the job market. Read SDU's quality policy.

Quality organisation

SDU has established a quality organisation where the work with quality in education is rooted at all levels in the university's management structure - from the study administration to the Board. Read about how the tasks and responsibility for quality work are shared.

Documentation and follow-up

At SDU, there are continuous and systematic follow-up systems in place to determine whether the goals and requirements of the quality policy are being met. Read about the work involved with documentation and follow-up.

Background to the quality system

SDU's quality system, as it stands today, can trace its roots back to 2003, when the Danish University Act introduced "quality development" as a concept and clarified the delegation of responsibility with respect to internal quality assurance work. This resulted in development work being conducted in-house at SDU, which over time has brought about the quality system that SDU has today.

The quality system is based on common European standards and guidelines for universities’ internal quality assurance (”European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in European Higher Education”).

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Last Updated 23.02.2022