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Setting up and changing programmes

That's why we work strategically to develop our programme portfolio. This is achieved by means of two initiatives:

  • Setting up of new programmes (prequalification)
  • Changes to existing programmes

Setting up new programmes (prequalification)

All new advanced programmes must be prequalified. This means that the Minister of Education and Research, with advice from "The Advisory Committee for Evaluation of Provision of Higher Education", must assess the relevance of a new advanced programme. At SDU, we have put in place a process that ensures that the programme proposals we submit:

  • Are consistent with SDU´s strategy  and are based on the needs of the surrounding community
  • Are in accordance with SDU’s quality policy
  • Are anchored in SDU's management at relevant levels with clear responsibilities
  • Appear thoroughly prepared, well-founded and well-documented

As a result, the education managers, the faculties, the Education Council, the Executive Board and the Board of Directors must participate in work to prepare proposals for new programmes.

Ultimately, it is SDU's Board of Directors that decides whether to apply for a new programme.

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Changes to existing programmes

SDU continuously adjusts its programmes. Programme content is partly adapted through revision of programme regulations, which takes place on the Study Boards for the individual programmes.

In addition, the formal frameworks of the programmes are revised so that the title, assessment grading, standardised study time, maximum limit for admission as well as access, language and character requirements are appropriate. It is the programmes and faculties that are responsible for preparing any applications to the Ministry of Education and Research. Central Administration is responsible for gathering and submitting all SDU's applications in connection with the Ministry's annual application deadline. 

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