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Library strategy

The University Library of Southern Denmark is SDU’s library
As the university’s library, the library must support SDU’s knowledge exchange with the surrounding society -  for research, education, and learning at the highest academic level – thus, SDU’s library is also the University Library of Southern Denmark.

As a regional research and education library, the library must ensure that the physical and digital services relating to the production, storage and communication of scientific knowledge are developed constantly for and with the university and its partners – across both geography and academia.

University Library of Southern Denmark is a research-based research and education library
Through research-based cocreation with the university’s academic and administrative environments, the library seeks to become the best research and education library: Via proximity to both administration – research and educations – we define the state-of-the-art for library services at the highest international level.
The library places itself centrally at SDU, with high integrity, quality and as a professional partner for innovation and operation; our core values are integrity and democratic dialogue – across professional, geographic and interests-oriented distances.

Strategic themes
A. The Digital Library focuses on digitization and supporting systems
B. The User-Centered Education Library focuses on the development of services that supports students and teachers in all SDU’s campuses
C. The University Library of the Future focuses on sustainability and transformative partnerships with SDU’s strategic partners.

D. The Innovative Research Library focuses on the support of SDU’s research collaborations with innovative research communication and knowledge dissemination
E. SDU’s Library focuses on the proximity and the bridge-building relations to SDU’s research environments and educations.


Last Updated 19.02.2024