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We love space! Whether it is developing Augmented Gravity training robots for astronauts, reconstructing images of black holes or building advanced satellites hardware - you will find it at SDU Galaxy.

Picture of the finished prototype

Advanced Composite Material Structures for Space Applications


Development of 6U CubeSat Composite Structure

This project seeks to qualify standard compliant composite structures for CubeSats. Already, 6U structures were designed, manufactured and validated. By utilizing Carbon-Fiber reinforced Epoxy pre-pregs configured as a sandwich with optimized weight to stiffness ratio, the first prototype results show a mass saving of 49% on a 6U structure compared to the market state of the art structures from aluminium alloys. Furthermore, the project has developed advanced numerical analysis tools for composite CubeSat structures to perform modal analysis, failure mode prediction and stress analysis. 

For more information, please contact Nicolai Iversen



At CP3 - Origins the aim is to:

  • Seek new discoveries to select the few new fundamental models of Nature
  • Tackle colored dynamics via supercomputers and ingenious analytic methods
  • Search for a unified and coherent answer to the dark and bright origin of the universe by integrating and coordinating the efforts of the cosmology, particle physics and dark matter units at SDU and international partners


The Event Horizon Telescope is an international collaboration capturing images of black holes using a virtual Earth-sized telescope. SDU Galaxy researchers participate in the international collaboration, which in 2019 captured the first ever image of a black hole!

Space Robotics


A trip to space has about the same effect on the body as a prolonged stay in bed. Muscles, bones and circulation, are weakened. Therefore, Danish Aerospace Company A/S collaborates with robot scientist from the University of Southern Denmark, who develops training equipment for rehabilitation.

For more information, please contact Anders Stengaard Sørensen

Last Updated 14.08.2023