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Quality organisation

Overall responsibility for the quality of programs at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences lies with the Dean. The Dean has appointed a Vice-Dean for Education in order to handle the management of education. Quality assurance work in the field of education is carried out from here in close interaction primarily with the Heads of Studies and the group of Vice Heads of Department for Education (VILU), the study boards and administration.

The key players in quality assurance at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences are:

  • The Dean's Management Team (Dean, Vice Deans, and Heads of SAMF-UDD and SAMF-FØS respectively): Through the Office of the Dean, the faculty’s work on quality assurance is linked to the SDU's Executive Board via the Dean as well as SDU's education council via the Vice Dean for Education.

  • Faculty Management Group: Consists of the The Dean's Management Team and the six Heads of Department

  • Study boards

  • The group of Heads of Studies and Vice Heads of Department for Education

  • Course coordinators and teachers

  • Student Advisory Board (to be established in Spring 2019)

  •  Education Committee

  • Quality, Legality and Development: The quality unit in the SAMF-UDD, which constitutes the link between the top management's responsibility for quality assurance and the field of education

Students participate in the work of the quality organisation primarily through the study boards, education committee and, not least, the Student Advisory Board.

Last Updated 08.02.2019