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Industrial Postdoc – Boost development with a researcher

Smart Grid Ready Energy Cost Efficient Lighting System for Green House Horticulture

Innovation Fund Denmark supports companies and Postdoc candidate students conjointly through an Industrial Postdoc collaboration.

An Industrial Postdoc is a business-orientated research project and Postdoc education through SDU which is carried out in a collaboration with three partners, a selected company, an Industrial Postdoc candidate and SDU. The project gives the Industrial Postdoc a unique competency to boost their career development.

An Industrial Postdoc candidate is employed in the private sector company and enrolled at SDU during the same time. 

Duration : 1- 3 years
Requirements : Industry insight and an adequate education level, together with general experience within the specific project subject. Research experience is not a requirement.
Salary levels: The monthly wage subsidy for companies is DKK 32,000, and may not exceed 50% of the total gross salary over an accounting period. Further information about the yearly salary increase can be found on Innovation Fund Denmark website.
Application deadlines 2020: April 30th at noon and September 17th at noon. Application deadline for public Industrial Postdoc projects:  September 30th at noon.

Detailed guidelines and motivational videos can be found on Innovation Fund Denmark’s website.

More information

For more information contact Lone Søvad Madsen E-mail: or + 45 2237 9061


Last Updated 12.10.2020