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Curious today – Partner tomorrow?

Curious today – Partner tomorrow?

The events are held twice a year, spring and autumn.
There will be a different topic for each event.
The structure of the event will largely remain the same, making participation extremely convenient.
The general invitation and structure is free for distribution.

Please feel free to suggest relevant topics for upcoming events

Upcoming events



With a growing interest in the robot laboratories at SDU, we have decided to open our doors twice a year – each time focusing on a different topic!

We invite the robot industry, and others who are interested in our work, and that of our partners, to participate - either physically or online.
Get to know SDU through presentations, tours and discussions in and around our robot labs.

Explore your potential for partnerships with SDU. 
You will meet students, companies and researchers - and not least, get a chance to network with your peers. 

We look forward to see or “see” you! 

The event is Cyber-Physical, meaning that you can participate both online for your convenience and physically for network experience.
Please always remember to have your computer or smart device, including headset, ready for your participation

Learn more about the idea behind the CP (Cyber-Physical) conference concept here (in Danish)

Participation is free.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact 

Morten Berenth Nielsen
+45 93507313

The event is held in cooperation with Robocluster that is financed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Region of Southern Denmark.

Previous events: 

October 27th 2020

June 18th 2020