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Bachelor of Engineering or a Master of Science in Engineering?

Ingeniøruddannelserne på SDU. Fotograf Mette Krull

The road to becoming an engineer

There are two ways of becoming an engineer. You can either take a Bachelor of Engineering where you will be on the job market after 3½ years or you can take a Master of Science in Engineering which takes 5 years. Below you can read more about the difference between the two degrees and how the Bachelor of Engineering can provide you with the qualifications to then take a Master of Science in Engineering.

Bachelor of Engineering

The Bachelor of Engineering includes half a year’s internship in Denmark or abroad. The degree is vocationally oriented meaning that after 3½ years you will be ready to enter the job market. With a Bachelor of Engineering, you will be characterised as a problem solver who drives innovation and product development. The degree will also qualify you to continue your studies and take a Master of Science in Engineering.

Master of Science in Engineering

As a specialist, the Master of Science in Engineering works with innovation and the development of new technology. The MSc in Engineering often works within the fields of scientific research, development and innovation. Furthermore, as a MSc in Engineering, you will have great job opportunities to become a leader, consultant, or developer, etc.

Bachelor of Engineering and a Master’s degree

You can also choose to continue studying and take a Master of Science in Engineering when you are finished with your Bachelor of Engineering.

Scientific Researcher

With a Master of Science in Engineering, you can take a Ph.D. and then start a career as a scientific researcher.

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