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Facilities and Infrastructure

Sound room

For acoustic measurements. The room is built with a free-range measuring range of approx. 4x3x2 m. It complies with the standards within for measurements down to 200 Hz. There are two control rooms at the entrances to the room.
Contact person: Associate Professor Peter Møller Juhl , Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute


RollFlex Innovation Center

Enables process of printing materials (conducting, semi-conducting, coatings) on thin substrates such as flexible glass or a thin plastic or structured film. Holds potential for research and production in the area of flexible and printed electronics, new materials, and solar cells.
Contact: Morten Madsen, Phone: +45 65 50 16 21, Web:


Engineering Chemical Engineering Laboratory with Pilot Installations for Distillation, Extraction, etc.
Contact: Associate Professor Knud Villy Christensen , Department of Green Technology 

Clean room laboratory

Laboratory for the production of electronic integrated circuits, metal vapor deposition, prototyping of eg. organic solar cells. Analyzes with optical and electron microscopes and structural analyzes with He-Ion microscope.
Contact: Arkadiusz Jarosław Goszczak, Phone: +45 65 50 16 16, Web:

Concrete Laboratory Test

Laboratory of approx. 300 m2 with concrete tensioning tires. There are pull / print test facilities for eg. test and measurement on reinforcement and concrete beams. Pressure cylinders run up to 150 tonnes.
Contact person: Assistant Professor Henrik Brøner Jørgensen , Department of Technology and Innovation

Zeiss Orion NanoFab He-Ion Microscope

Applications: fabrication of structures ranging from several micrmeters to few nanometers, life science and biology, micro- and nanoelectronics, plasmonics, materials for green energy technology.
Contact: Serguei Chiriaev, phone: +45 65 50 72 50

Nano Optics Laboratory

Possible Services: time-resolved laser spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, reflection / transmission spectroscopy, temperature-dependent spectroscopy, diffuse reflection spectroscopy.
Contact: Jacek Fiutowski, Phone: +45 65 50 16 78

Innovation lab

Innovation lab. facilitates the innovation process, using a multidisciplinary approach combining design, business and engineering understanding. Workshops and seminars can be held.
Contact person: Innovation lab. manager Martina Simurda , Mads Clausen Institute


Laboratory Test and measurement laboratory with instruments for, for example, strength test of metal samples. Tire test up to 5 tons.
Contact person: Associate Professor Søren Wiatr Borg , Department of Technology and Innovation

Composit lab

Equipment and lab facilities for test and development of new composite materials. We offer composite manufacturing knowledge and machinery, material testing, renting of labwork space and consulting within composite materials, applications and manufacturing. Read more about the facilities here.
Contact person: Raphael Geiger, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Last Updated 10.03.2021