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The humanities are many things, including language, pedagogy, culture, history, design, and information and communication – in short, it is the study of the world created by humans. Your world.

Collaborate with the Faculty of Humanities and SDU

At the Faculty of Humanities and SDU, we have a number of offerings for you who want to collaborate with one or more of the University’s units – whether you work for a company or want to enrol in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme or another further or continuing education course. 
If you are dreaming of earning a higher education degree, there are many different ways for you to experience and meet SDU and the Faculty of Humanities. You can be a ‘Student for a Day’ on one of our programmes, you can do a work placement, or you can contact our students online. Read more under Meet SDU below. If you work with a company that wants to collaborate with SDU, both our current and graduated students are ready. Read more about your collaboration opportunities below.

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Contact one of our employees at the Faculty of Humanities here

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Last Updated 20.12.2023