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SDU Job Bank - Internships, Projects and Jobs

During engineering studies at SDU, you are in contact with private and private companies  and organisations for collaboration like study jobs, semester projects bachelor projects, master thesis, internships, final projects, your first job, graduate programmes and much more.

In the Guide to engineering students SDU Jobbank – Get Started you will find the categories companies are choosing, when they want to attract students with your profile. You are adviced to choose the same theme when selecting: Job Category

To get full value of the SDU Jobbank we recommend you to create your own profile  - and an individual job agent . This way you will have your own project/internship feed perfectly matching your study profile.  Create your  profile now at –and start exploring your opportunities.

SDU Jobbank contains many facilities that can support you in your career, e.g. career guide, CV template, events, LIVE chat with companies, etc

Link directly to SDU Jobbank

Last Updated 05.01.2021