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Your Library at SDU campus Slagelse

Three students at the library shelves and sofa.

Summer holiday 2024

The SDU Slagelse library is unattended  in week 29. You are welcome to contact the main library at SDU Odense by phone 6550 2100 (10-14) or mail




  • Visit us at SDU campus Slagelse, Sdr. Stationsvej 28, 4200 Slagelse. The library is located on the second floor by the main entrance.
  • Write/phone us by e-mail or phone 6550 9103. Students and staff  may request personalized service during working hours. 
  • Online: Students and staff  have 24/7-access to the electronic journals, databases and e-books to which the library has a license. See a list of library resources for more information. 

See also contact and working hours at the other campuses.


Pick up and return

  • Borrowed materials may be returned in the mailbox to the right of the the SDU main entrance. If items are too large (max. 5 x 33cm), please return at the library on the second floor.
  • SDU students and staff  may borrow or return materials 24/7 at the self-service machine  by the library desk.
  • External users may borrow materials during library service hours.



Library Service hours

The SDU Slagelse library is manned Monday - Thursday  10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

SDU students and employees may use the library for self-service at all times, using your SDU access card. External users may use all library facilities during manned service hours. You are also welcome to contact the main library at SDU Odense by phone 6550 2100 (8-16) or mail

There are no manned library services on

  • Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
  • During the Christmas and New Year holiday
  • During the Easter and Whitsun holidays
  • On General Prayer Day, Ascension Day and the Danish Constitution Day
  • The afternoon of the University’s annual celebration day, last Friday in October


Your library at SDU campus Slagelse

You can borrow books and journals from any part of the University Library of Southern Denmark’s collection. We also offer to obtain materials from other libraries if we do not have the requested materials ourselves. Besides the materials that you can borrow and bring home, the library offers access to a wide variety of databases.

The library is a public library, which means that everyone can access the library for free. Most of our physical collection may be borrowed and renewed without restrictions.


Focus on International Business Communication and Business Economics

Our permanent collection of books and journals reflects the studies that are offered at campus Slagelse: International Business Communication and Business Economics. The library also has a semester shelf where you can find the curriculum literature of the various studies. These books are for library use only.


The library has several single study seats as well as two group rooms. Group rooms may be booked in advance (search for "Room Name" Slagelse B-1.21 eller Slagelse B-1.22). On the 2nd floor, you'll find a quiet zone for reading and working which you may access with your SDU card.

Use the library computers for internet access or to search for materials in databases, journals etc. You can also borrow/pick up and return materials at the self-service machine, or use the multi-function machine to print, scan or copy. Furthermore, the library provides access to reference works, bibliographies and encyclopedias.

At the library, you can also borrow keys to lockers in which you can store personal belongings.  Lockers are available all around campus Slagelse and may be borrowed for a full semester.

If you need a break during the day, you are most welcome to come and enjoy yourself at the library.  You could lay down a few pieces in our jigsaw puzzle, read the newspaper, grab a book from our recycling self, check out a board game to play with friends or just relax a bit in our cozy lounge area.


See you at the library!

About the Library


Telephone: +45 6550 9103 / +45 6550 9106

University Library of Southern Denmark
Sdr. Stationsvej 28
DK-4200 Slagelse

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University Library of Southern Denmark
Campus Slagelse
Sdr. Stationsvej 28
4200 Slagelse
Phone: 6550 9103


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University of Southern Denmark

  • Sdr. Stationsvej 28
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  • Phone: +45 6550 1000

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