The Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering

At the Faculty of Engineering we are driven by the urge to create value for and with society, by curiosity and by the will to attain that which only few could imagine would be possible. Through research, education and collaboration it is our ambition to nurture talent, address challenges, create possibilities and promote sustainable development.

Latest News

Student helps brain cancer patients with quick new test

An engineering student has developed a test that can ensure faster and better treatment for cancer patients. The biotech company PentaBase calls the discovery groundbreaking.

Robot swabs patients’ throats for Covid-19

Robotics researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have developed the world’s first fully automatic robot capable of carrying out throat swabs for Covid-19.

Thermographic cameras can detect critically ill patients

Two software engineering students from SDU have developed an app that uses thermal imaging to calculate the difference in temperature between a patient’s nose and corner of the eye.


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