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Some of the printed maps and atlases in the library's collection are only to be used at the library, while others can be borrowed.


Those atlases and special maps that are most widely used are placed in the library's History section. It is possible to borrow the maps overnight.

You may also find maps placed in the associated subject sections. 


If you search by subject in the library catalogue, you can use these codes: (y) for maps, land maps, atlases, or more specific: N(y) geography, atlases and K(y) History, atlases. 


Finally, the library has several maps, such as special maps and large formats, placed in our closed stacks. These items you must order via the catalogue.


Find more information on Danish maps and cadastral matters in these titles (in Danish):


  • Balslev, S. etc.: Håndbog om matrikelvæsen. Matrikeldirektoratets opgaver og organisation. (1986)
  • Korsgaard, P.: Kort som kilde: en håndborg om historiske kort og deres anvendelse. (2006)

Last Updated 11.03.2021