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The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

Our Vision

 A benefit for research and practice

Inequality in health, healthcare and society and the associated political efforts are both multifaceted and complex. To tackle this, we bring together different approaches, methods and (comparative) perspectives on ground-breaking and innovative research into health and inequality from a social science perspective.

We create and mediate collaborations between relevant research groups at and outside SDU, as well as with private and public actors in the healthcare system and society. By uniting and bringing together diverse approaches and actors on research themes within health and inequality, we can strengthen our research and make the group’s researchers and research projects visible both nationally and internationally.

We want to create top-quality research that not only attracts research funding and top researchers, but also develops and implements fair and equal health solutions among the population, in the healthcare system and in society.

Current topics in health and inequality

The cluster is already busy dealing with a number of societal challenges in the field of health and inequality, and our interdisciplinary composition benefits us greatly in this regard.

The themes currently include:

  • Access to healthcare
  • Health in rural areas
  • Aging, inequality and healthy aging
  • New technologies and their implementation
  • Ecosystems and involvement strategies
  • Inequality in disease

Got an idea?

The list of themes is dynamic and will be expanded as we identify new, interesting partnerships that can contribute to our overall goal of tackling the challenges faced by the healthcare system and society.

We therefore welcome all researchers and other actors with an interest in health and inequality to join our cluster. Please feel free to submit proposals for new, relevant research ideas to Head of Cluster Jes Søgaard at

Work Packages

Learn more about the research projects that are currently under way.

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Last Updated 26.01.2023