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Study boards

Each study board consists of an equal number of academic staff representatives and student representatives who are elected by and among the academic staff and the students, respectively.

The Study Board elects a chairman from among the academic staff representatives and a deputy chairman from among the student representatives.

In addition to the tasks specificied by the university's regulations, the task of the Study Board is to ensure the organisation, implementation and development of education and teaching, including:

  • to assure and develop the quality of education and teaching and ensure follow-up of education and teaching evaluations,
  • to prepare proposals for programme regulations and changes to them,
  • to approve plans for the planning of teaching and of examinations,
  • to process applications for credit transfers, including advance credits, and exemptions, and
  • to make statements in all matters of importance for education and teaching and discuss any issues related to education and teaching as presented by the Rector.

The task of the Head of Studies is, in cooperation with the Study Board, to manage the practical organisation of teaching and of examinations. The Head of Studies approves thesis statements and submission deadlines for Master's Thesis projects and, in that connection, a supervision plan for the student.

Last Updated 09.08.2023