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Bachelor Project – Bachelor’s independent assignment

Most graduation projects are prepared in teams of two students, where significant results can be achieved.
If you have a subject for a bachelor project, please feel free to post it at SDU Jobbank. The format of each entry may be different. We recommend that you showcase what you can bring to the project and what motivates you regarding the project, to separate you from the other applicants. You are welcome to draw on some inspiration from our template, which can be downloaded here .

If you would like to take the opportunity to meet the students, you can participate for free on Internship and Project Day at the SDU “Praktik og Projektdag”, which is held twice a year. Information and registration via this link: .

You can get advice from Innovation consultant Lone Søvad Madsen , if you want to know more about a bachelor project in general or if you have any doubts about which engineer type can fit your business.

Last Updated 04.12.2019