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Mission and Strategy

On this page you can find the strategy and focus areas at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences for 2023-2028.

Strategy SDU BSS


We address societal challenges by engaging in transdisciplinary knowledge creation, leveraging external relations, and enabling flexible learning experiences that allow our graduates to successfully engage with and govern societal institutions.


We go beyond the obvious in utilising our intellectual curiosity to co-create high-impact knowledge for the benefit of society.

Three transformational initiatives

SDU BSS’ strategy for 2023-2028 identifies three transformational initiatives which will enable us to pursue our vision at a time when education needs to be rethought for both political and technological reasons, our funding landscape is undergoing significant structural changes, and Denmark is confronted by a demography with declining youth cohorts.

To transform these challenges into opportunities, SDU BSS will:

  •  increase its acquisition of external funding to pursue thought leadership
  •  further strengthen our engagement with business and society
  •  explore new and innovative avenues for flexible learning.

Together, the three transformational initiatives will transform SDU BSS into a Faculty that connects with lifelong learners, business leaders, governments and other communities in productive partnerships.



Strengthened Internationalisation

As part of the overall strategy, the Faculty has  clear ambitions for internationalisation. The priorities within the area of internationalisation are presented in its own strategy.

Find the Internationalisation Strategy below.


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  • Phone: +45 6550 2200

Last Updated 19.09.2023