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The New HEALTH building is linked to the existing university (SDU) to the north. To the south, the building meets the future university hospital (New OUH)l in the linking zone. At the heart of the structure is the knowledge axis, extending from the existing university and down through the new university hospital.

All of New HEALTH is part of the knowledge axis, just as the linking zone is part of the axis that goes through the hospital. The knowledge axis symbolizes collaboration between the two organisations, and is supported by the organisations’ research communication through the axis.

New HEALTH continues the style of architecture and materials that is already known from the university. The lobed structure with courtyards and views to the surroundings has been enhanced and materials like bright concrete, reddish brown Corten steel and glass elements will be used in a natural interpretation of the old campus’ expression and robust structure, which relates very well to the environment.

Last Updated 18.08.2021