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Research Facilities

Both laboratories and office spaces in the new faculty building are made up of standard modules that ensure a high rate of utilization and stimulate a relationship-oriented culture with room for both concentration and formal and informal meetings.

The research facilities have been planned in such a way that part of the university hospital’s research is located in New HEALTH, and some of the Faculty of Health Sciences laboratories are located in New OUH, close to the clinical functions.

To the south, New HEALTH and New OUH will meet in the linking zone, which is part of the knowledge axis. This offers easy access to New OUH’s facilities.

The link between Health Sciences and Science is also given priority, to ensure easy access between the faculties for the scientists, with common meeting facilities and amenities. 

At the Faculty of Science there will be access to complex and advanced research facilities such as mass spectrometry and imaging, while at the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Biomedical Laboratory will provide access to research in animal models, and at the hospital there will be access to the clinical practice.

Means to promote collaboration

Formal and informal meetings are important for promoting greater collaboration in research and education. Offices, seating and meeting areas have been planned in conjunction, together with natural meeting places and informal workplaces that you can temporarily occupy.

In New HEALTH it is possible for guests to find temporary workplaces that can be used for a few hours between meetings – or for staff to sit for a few hours at a “free” workplace in the study or relaxation zones, where colleagues, students or the views of nature can provide a source of inspiration.

Last Updated 18.08.2021