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Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences

One activity in particular forms the very basis of existence for the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark: Research. Or, more precisely, research that aims to help promote health. The research conducted by the Faculty’s researchers working together or in co-operation with external partners also forms the basis for the study programmes offered by the Faculty and for its public sector consultancy services.

At the Faculty of Health Sciences we carry out research in public health and the treatment of diseases at a high international level. Our strengths lie in both prevention and treatment.

Our research environments are highly reliable and focus on research freedom and originality. The researchers are innovative and holistic in their approach, and they collaborate broadly with the health sector in general, with other research environments at the University of Southern Denmark, with international researchers, and with sponsors and society at large.

The Faculty is the regional point of contact for all research in health science, and as such it has set up a number of support functions. Further information about these functions may be found at this homepage.

Last Updated 01.04.2019