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Technology, robots and industry

The Faculty of Engineering collaborates with business as well as other research institutions and participates in, among other things, concrete development, innovation and research-oriented projects.

Collaboration with engineering students

There are many opportunities for collaboration with the students throughout their course of study. During their studies, our engineering students work closely with companies, among other things in connection with projects and internships.

If you want to know more about how to collaborate with an engineering student, contact Lone Søvad Madsen at

Health, well-being and movement

Do you need a good head for a project or an effort in the healthcare field? It could, for example, be to carry out user surveys and evaluations of healthcare efforts, to develop user and patient involvement in your organization or to start physical activity at your workplace or at your school. At the Faculty of Health Sciences, we have researchers and students who have both knowledge and skills to contribute.


Health sciences collaborate for a healthier society

The Faculty of Health Sciences tries to contribute to a healthier society through collaborations with a number of actors through research and research projects. We work closely with Region Southern Denmark, Odense Municipality, OUH and the business community.

Communication, language and culture

Humanities are many things, including language, pedagogy, culture, history, design as well as information & communication. In short, it is the teaching of the world that man has created. Your world.

At HUM, we have a number of offers for you who want to collaborate with one or more of the faculty's units, researchers or students.


Cooperation with students

At SDU, we have a large number of students who know a lot about language and (web) communication, culture and history.

If you need a student who can translate, hone your messages on the web, help you with internal communication, put things into a larger context, systematise and ask the big questions, then get hold of one of our students.

Economics, law and media

At SDU, we have a large number of students who know a lot about business, society, communication, economics and law.

Are you in need of a student who can work with your areas of business economics? Strengthen your efforts regarding marketing, accounting and financing? Write your articles? Manage your legal cases or work with your political agendas? Then don’t hesitate to get hold of one of our students.


Gain access to new skills, knowledge and development

By collaborating with students and researchers from the area of business economics, you can get help with solving concrete tasks, expand your network and at the same time get a fresh pair of eyes on your company’s processes and development opportunities.

Nature, physics, mathematics, data

By collaborating on a project with a science student, your company gets a fresh view of a selected topic. The student comes up with the latest scientific theories, methods and research – while contributing to the solution of specific and concrete problems.


Life Science project and network day

Join this event to meet students and discuss collaboration opportunities, especially on projects. If you would like to network with the students, learn about their skills or perhaps even find a student for a vacant student job, this event is for you.

The event is aimed at all organisations and companies that work within Bio Tech or other Life Science disciplines and need skills from Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biomedicine, Computational informatics, Chemistry/Medicinal chemistry and Pharmacy Please email Lise Junker for further information.