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Value for and with society

A collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark provides access to the latest research-based knowledge and close contact with researchers and students.

The University of Southern Denmark will contribute with research-based knowledge, solutions, consultancy, innovation and education and learning that make a positive difference to and with society.

Therefore, we are always open to both short and longer collaborations on several levels.

Multiple paths to collaboration

There are many opportunities to collaborate with SDU, for example:

  • Collaboration on research and innovation
  • Collaboration with entrepreneurs
  • Providing a case for a student project
  • Offering students internships or student jobs
  • Hiring recent graduates
  • Visiting SDU as a guest lecturer
  • Using SDU’s facilities.

Open, collaborative innovation

‘At the University of Southern Denmark, we create value for and with society, which is why close and frequent collaboration with the business community is absolutely indispensable. This can be in the form of long-term research collaborations or short-term projects in connection with students’ project assignments. Having good and close collaborations between SDU and the business community ensures that the knowledge created at the University extends to and benefits society.’

- Jens Ringsmose, Rector at the University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 21.02.2024