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Eduroam wireless network

There are two wireless networks at SDU:

  • ”EDUROAM” – for staff and students
  • ”SDU-VISITOR" - for visitors 


  • is for students and staff and requires some setup.
  • Use your SDU mail address for login and a configuration tool:

Link to the Eduroam CATool that covers setup for all platforms

  • EDUROAM is recommended for all mobile devices if it is within reach. You can use Eduroam at all universities in nearly all European countries, so if you travel to some of these, your device automatically logs on this network with your SDU user information.
  • A students favourite connection is EDUROAM since it is secure and is mainly used for exams.

If you need assistance to connect to  Eduroam, please contact Servicedesk

Please note that any use of the wireless network is logged. All authentications are logged. This means that both users and computers are registered.  Guests from other universities, which are connected to Eduroam, will have their authentifications logged at their home institutions.



  • is for a basic internet connection.
  • Since this connection is unencrypted, some systems may warn about this. A confirmation can be required to establish the connection.
  • Access requires registration with a valid mobile phone number. Access valid for 24 hours.

Last Updated 05.07.2023