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The Steadfast Tin Solider

This is yet another edition of one of Hans Christian Andersen's favorite themes - the love between two objects. The one-legged tin soldier falls in love with a paper ballerina, and just as the soldier is humanized through his experiences in the fairy tale, so has the sculptor attempted to depict him. This sculpture was the seventh in a series of fairy tale sculptures in Odense.

The tin soldier is quite large compared to his character in the story, but Eiler Madsen has placed him on a toy wagon to emphasize that it is a piece of toy. The sculpture is made of bronze and is surrounded by several other, small "soldiers."

Fun Fact: Take a good look at the rifle the soldier is holding. Madsen was against weapons, so he created a sculpture with a rifle that could never shoot anyone in real life. Also, take a close look at the small soldiers standing in a circle around the tin soldier. When he created them, he put a gummy bear in the mold - maybe you can find it?


Location of #1 "The Gummy Bear"

The Gummy Bear

Last Updated 20.04.2024