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The purpose of SDU's strategic work with Gender Equality (GE) is to ensure that SDU is a diverse employer with innovative and creative research environments and an inclusive working environment. The GE work contributes to SDU's overall strategy with its focus on creating value for society, enabling all talents and encouraging the exceptional, breaking boundaries and shaping the future.

SDU's GE work is an informed, consistent and conscious effort rooted in evidence-based research and shared experiences with other Danish and international universities, e.g. in the GEAR:DK-network.

In order to coordinate this endeavor, SDU has established GET, SDU's Gender Equality Team. The team works with systemic changes at SDU in close cooperation with the faculties and units, including the central Gender Equality Committee and the local Gender Equality Committees. The team also develops and maintains SDU's Gender Statistics where disaggregated data on recruitments and employees is available.

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Last Updated 21.04.2021