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Finance Lab

We have established a Finance Lab at the Library in Odense, in the Economics section.


Here, students and employees at SDU can get access to the databases Bloomberg and Thomson Reuter’s EIKON.

ee much more information on the Libguide: Bloomberg at

There are two PCs which you can use specifically to access these financial data services.


Book a time here if you want to be sure to get to use one of the PCs:


As a new service, students and employees can also access WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services) via our list of databases.

WRDS contains data from Compustat and CRSP. You need to register to search this database. If you have any questions, please read this libguide:


You can read more about these databases in our list of bases:  


 Practical tips:

 Use your SDU login to log into the computers. At the moment, you have to write SDU\ in front of your username.


If you have not searched Bloomberg before, you need to create your own Bloomberg login once you have opened the database. Please download only the data you are sure that you need. Only a limited amount of data can be downloaded each month.


Searching the databases:

You have to search Bloomberg and Eikon on your own, but if you need help to get started, you can find good introduction videos on Youtube.