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How we are working on the quality of education at the Faculty of Business and Social Science

The quality organisation at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences is in line with the central framework anchored in existing management functions. This ensures that the work done on quality is in practice done as close to the programmes as possible, through programme management, study administration and the activities of individual teachers.

SDU's quality policy in the area of education is implemented at the faculty level. The concrete implementation of these policies is enshrined in the faculty’s implementation brief and is supplemented by localized descriptions of how the university's various principles for quality assurance apply to the faculty.

The follow-up to the faculty’s work into the quality of its education is centered on educational reports. These are prepared by the Head of Studies every two years (even years) and are dealt with at a status meeting with the Vice-Dean for Education. In the years in between (odd years), there are follow-ups on action plans from educational reports and on key figures to ensure continued progress. This follow-up is supported by a number of data collections, analyses and evaluations throughout the year, which in their own way provide the quality organisation with considerable knowledge of the current state of the programmes, and thereby enable further targeted action.

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Last Updated 24.02.2023