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At SDU BSS, we address societal challenges by engaging in transdisciplinary knowledge creation, leveraging external relations, and enabling flexible learning experiences that allow our graduates to successfully engage with and govern societal institutions. 

One cornerstone in the aspiration for this ambitious mission is to ensure, that our students achieve the learning outcome as stated in the learning goals of the specific courses and programmes. 

This requires well-functioning and systematic quality assurance processes, clear division of labour, and management focus to the benefit of our students’ learning all the way throughout the entire educational journey. 

Local adaptation
SDU's quality policy in the area of education is implemented at the faculty level. The concrete implementation of these policies is enshrined in the faculty’s implementation memo and is supplemented by localized descriptions of how the university's various principles for quality assurance apply to the faculty. The memo describes the delegation of responsibilities and delegation, and specify specific workflows, timeframes, templates, etc. for the work with quality in education. 

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Important documents:

Last Updated 20.02.2024