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Participate in collaborations on innovation

SDU is happy to engage in partnerships and collaborations on innovation that brings research and the latest knowledge from the University into play with companies, businesses, authorities and others.

For example, you can get an overview of the technology areas in which we can support your innovation right here. 

Licensing patent rights on inventions

Your organisation can access inventions developed at SDU. SDU enters into both exclusive and non-exclusive licence agreements. An exclusive licence agreement means that only your organisation gets to use the technology. A non-exclusive licence agreement means that you may be allowed to use the technology, but not have exclusive rights to it.

Another option may be to buy the rights to the technology so that the intellectual property rights pass to your organisation.

Use university facilities

You and your organisation can access the University’s facilities, including:

  • Abacus, Denmark’s most powerful supercomputer
  • the drone centre’s test area
  • labs and analytical equipment
  • the cleanroom at SDU Sønderborg

View a list of the labs and equipment you can rent here.

Examples of collaborations

  • Steel structures: SDU researchers have worked with Rambøll and FORCE Technology, among others, to create stronger steel structures beneath offshore wind turbines.
  • Development of production equipment: PhD students at SDU, in a project collaboration with other educational institutions and companies, have developed a configurable production cell that enables versatile production on an industrial scale.
  • Filter development: SDU researchers, in collaboration with Nature Energy and Biogasclean, have developed a rice filter that transforms the excess CO 2 from biogas plants into green gas.
Get help collaborating with SDU

We’re always ready for an email or a chat if you want to discuss the possibilities and perspectives of a collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark.

Please email us at