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About SDU Galaxy

At SDU Galaxy we create synergy by allowing interactions between space industry, research and education. As a cross-faculty network we combine engineering, science and health to conduct research and educate students as well as researchers to improve life on earth by learning in space!

If you are part of SDU and would like to join the network, don’t hesitate to contact us from the list of SDU Galaxy affiliates below:


Founders of SDU Galaxy

Nicolai Iversen, Dream Office Manager at TEK Innovation. Cofounder of SDU Galaxy and TEK responsible for the Danish Student CubeSat Programme, DISCO.

Mads Toudal Frandsen, Associate Professor, Vice institute leader at the Physics, Pharmacy and Chemistry Department. Cofounder of SDU Galaxy and NAT responsible for the Danish Student CubeSat Programme, DISCO.


From CP3 origins

Roman Gold, Assistant Professor at Faculty of Natural Sciences and CP3 Origins. Research focuses are some of the following: Event Horizon Telescope, EHT, Gravitational waves and Numerical relativity.

Wei-Chih Huang, Assistant professor, astroparticle physics


From SDU UAS Center

Ulrik Pagh Schultz, Professor, Director SDU UAS Center

Dylan Cawthorne, Associate Professor SDU UAS Center – Composites, Rockets, Aerospace Technology, Drones, Ethics in engineering

Kjeld Jensen, Associate Professor SDU UAS Center – Satcom & Drones


From SDU Robotics

Christian Schlette, Professor SDU Robotics – Digital twin, simulation and space robotics

Aljaz Kramberger,Associate Professor SDU Robotics – Industrial robotics and production

Oskar Palinko, Associate Professor SDU Robotics – Human Robot Interaction

Jonas Jørgensen, Assistant Professor SDU Biorobotics – Soft robotics in space

Xiaofeng Xiong, Assistant Professor SDU Biorobotics – Exoskeletons as space exercisers


From SDU Health Science

Jens Bojsen-Møller, Associate Professor SDU Health Science – Astronaut muscle physiology

Anders Stengaard Sørensen, Associate Professor SDU Health Informatics and Technology – Healthtech and astronaut training equipment


From SDU Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Luis David Avendano-Valencia, Postdoc SDU Mechanical Engineering – Structural dynamics in Space systems

Mads Høi Rasmussen, Associate Professor SDU Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical constructions and Mechanisms design

Mohammad Malekan, SDU Mechatronics, CIM – Space systems engineering


Other affiliates

Bertil Dorch, Library Director SDU – Astrophysicist and space literature

Daniella Deutz, Research Librarian SDU – Mechatronics and Space Systems Engineering

Danny Johansen, PhD Student - Space Law

Kasper Hallenborg, Institute leader Maersk McKinney Møller Institute

Rene Lynge Eriksen, Associate Professor SDU NanoSyd – Hyperspectral camera

Mikkel Theiss Kristensen, Scientific assistent, astronomy

Louise Kindt, outreach coordinator, physics. 

Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 14.08.2023