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Research training programme in Mathematics


The research training programme in Mathematics is headed by Professor Wojciech Szymanski.

Other researchers associated with the programme

  • Professor Achim Schroll
  • Professor Anders Yeo
  • Assistant Professor Benjamin Jäger
  • Professor Claudio Pica
  • Associate Professor David Kyed
  • Associate Professor Fernando Colchero
  • Associate Professor Jens Kaad
  • Associate Professor Jessica  Carter
  • Associate Professor Jing Qin
  • Associate Professor John Bulava
  • Professor Jørgen Bang-Jensen
  • Associate Professor Kristian Debrabant
  • Associate Professor Michele Della Morte
  • Associate Professor Ralf Zimmermann
  • Associate Professor Yuri Goegebeur

Publication guidelines

A PhD thesis in Mathematics must contain original research equivalent to 1-2 publications in international peer-reviewed forums (journals).

Usually students will submit their findings for publication during the course of the research training programme. Thus, by the time of completion of the dissertation, they will have experience and understanding of the mathematics publication process and research dissemination. 


All PhD students must complete coursework equivalent to 30 ECTS, which must be approved by the PhD committee. The courses aim at giving PhD students academic width as well as forming the basis of their projects.

The actual number and nature of courses, master classes, summer schools etc. should be determined in consultation with the supervisor. No mandatory courses are prescribed.

Other relevant information

Several faculty members associated with this programme are active participants in Danish or international research networks. It is expected that the students they supervise will benefit from research training activities of those networks.

Last Updated 09.08.2023