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Development of the quality system

At SDU, we work continuously to develop our quality system through a number of fixed initiatives. In addition, we initiate major development work when appropriate. Recently, in 2016-2018, we completed an internal evaluation and revision of SDU's complete quality system.

The fixed initiatives include:

SDU's Programme Report

It is SDU’s Programme Report that is the primary foundation for the development of the quality system. This is achieved by the Executive Board and the Education Council putting in place initiatives for future work. When the Executive Board has finalised SDU's Programme Report, the Education Council will initiate an evaluation of the overall programme report process. It aims to gain experience from all those involved in the quality organisation, and it must result in the preparation of feedback and recommendations for the development of SDU's work with quality in education.

Quality seminar

Internal quality seminars are regularly held at SDU across faculties and Central Administration. At the seminars, focus is on quality in education, and involves university teachers, students, administrative staff, university management and external speakers.

The Council for Education’s self-evaluation

Once a year, the Council for Education reviews its work, including responsibility for SDU’s quality work. In this connection, the two coordination groups SAK ADM and SAK KVAL also review their work.

Strategy & Recruitment

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