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Work with the quality policy

Work with the quality policy

The engineering programmes’ implementation of SDU’s quality policies is described in the faculty’s implementation brief.

The implementation brief is updated every spring – and every two years each engineering programme’s implementation of the brief, as well as each of the quality policy indicators, are reviewed in the education committee and in relation to the status meetings for each education.

You can read a general description of the engineering programme’s work with SDU’s sub-policies for education quality below: 

Work with the quality policy

The Faculty of Engineering develops and updates the faculty’s communication and outreach strategy continuously. The strategy works on a strategic level to limit and plan the communication and outreach strategy in a broad sense. Focus is on securing a correspondence between the education’s needs and the faculty’s general strategic interests.

Every programme’s recruitment and marketing needs are addressed at the status meeting every two years.

The faculty provides admission counselling and monitors relevant conditions related to recruitment and admission. 

The Faculty of Engineering has developed a study start concept that applies to all engineering programmes on Campus Odense (engineering programmes in Sonderborg have a campus specific study start). The concept, which is based on SDU’s principles for study start, is continuously developed in collaboration with educations, students and mentors for the faculty’s reference group that refers to TEK KVAL.

The Faculty of Engineering’s study start coordinator is responsible for the faculty’s study start on behalf of the Director of Studies.

The faculty’s quality coordinator is responsible for monitoring relevant quality indicators related to the study start. 

The Faculty of Engineering supports this sub-policy and monitors relevant matters in relation to the educational environment.
The management of the faculty arranges regular meetings with the student organization Engineering Students of University of Southern Denmark’s Joint Council (SIF) to discuss the study environment in the engineering programmes.

The Faculty of Engineering is constantly in a process of development according to sub-policy four. The faculty has employed one and a half full-time equivalents of pedagogical consultants (supplemented by a full-time equivalent consultant in relation to e-learning) and all the faculty’s permanent lecturers have created teaching portfolios.

The focus is on pedagogical development and further implementation of teaching portfolios from the faculty management - mainly in collaboration with the Director of Studies in the educational forum.

The faculty offers a variety of courses in pedagogic upskilling focused on different employee groups, including foreign lecturers. 

The Faculty of Engineering monitors the engineering programme’s research and knowledge base in relation to SDU’s key figures. With TEK Manager and PURE, the faculty’s quality coordinator provides:

  • Student full time equivalent (FTE)/Academic staff
  • Academic staff/part time academic staff
  • Peer reviewed publications
  • Number of PhD-students

Above-mentioned data are discussed in the specific committee meetings for each educational programme as a part of processing the education report and in part the programme’s status meetings. The Director of Studies assures a connection between the Faculty of Engineering’s Plan & Review meeting and every section’s head of research, relevant heads of departments and the Dean’s office. The Plan & Review meetings are the main forum for addressing research status and development at the faculty.

Programme regulations for engineering programmes at the Faculty of Engineering consist of:

  • Chapter 1 to 8, which include joint regulations for Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Master of Science in Engineering
  • Chapter 9, which includes provision specifics for each programme
  • Module descriptions that describe each course on the programme 

The primary work with the programme’s level, degree qualifications profile and content is carried out in the education committees. The task of the education committees is to act as a unifying form for curriculum development for the individual program. The committees are expected to take the initiative in activities that ensure that the education is constantly developing so that it is in line with developments in the field.

In continuation of this, the committee shall prepare and/or discuss proposals for changes in the programme regulations, semester descriptions, course descriptions and the like, with the purpose of presenting it to the study board.

TEK Education (TEK Study board coordinator) prepares the common regulations of the programme regulations. In addition, TEK Education provides quality assurance on behalf of the Director of Study, programme regulations in general, including control of the programme regulation’s legality. TEK Education is also doing relevant student counselling.

The programme regulations are adopted in the study board and is approved by the Dean’s office of the faculty.

The elements of the sub-policy regarding systematic quality assurance are addressed elsewhere in this brief and in appendix 1. 

The Faculty of Engineering has one study board that covers all the engineering programmes. On behalf of the Director of Studies, the Study Board coordinator is responsible for case handling, statement of claims and assisting the Study Board Chairman when conducting Study Board meetings. Read more here.

On behalf of the Director of studies, The Faculty of Engineering’s Study Board coordinator is responsible for the quality of assignments and student counselling consistent with relevant laws, regulations and faculty’s guidelines.

The Faculty of Engineering has one and a half full-time equivalents of student counselling. The tasks are described in ’Strategy and goals’ ( for student counselling at the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, the student counselor cooperates with the educational management and SDU’s central student counselling in order to handle the following tasks:

  • Legal delay talks
  • Register of absent students
  • Organizing information regarding student counseling for new students
  • Continuous follow-up on absent students and students with problems

The Study Board and the Student counselling are both administratively linked to TEK Education.

The major part of the sub-policy is addressed centrally on SDU level. The Faculty of Engineering’s Quality coordinator is responsible for monitoring relevant matters according to the sub-policy. The focus is aimed on unemployment and employment for the engineering programmes.

Last Updated 14.08.2023