Have you developed new technology, research or a product? At SDU RIO, we offer advice so that you can make the most of your idea, ensuring that it is developed and creates value in society.

If you are a researcher, you are also an inventor.

If your research results have commercial relevance or potential, they may be relevant to companies. SDU RIO will support you in the ongoing development and maturation of your invention, guarantee the right assessment of your invention, and advise you on the patent process.

We offer advice to all researchers from the University of Southern Denmark and the Region of Southern Denmark's hospitals, i.e. employees at SDU and within RSD.


What type of advice do we offer?

The team consists of a group of business development advisers who help you analyse the potential and concretise the practicality of your research.  We offer advice within the following areas:

  • Commercial development
    We develop, mature, protect and market technology and products through collaboration with industry or by means of start-ups.
  • Financing
    We help find partners in relevant industries and attract financing for commercial projects.
  • Visibility
    We present research results to industry with a view to obtaining funding, initiating cooperation and marketing inventions.


 Read the guide  "An inventors guide - to Technology Tranfer at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the Hospitals of the Region of Southern Denmark (RSD)"


When should I contact the team?

You may contact us if you become aware of potential commercial use in your work that you wish to pursue. The earlier you contact us, the better – and preferably when you are collecting data. You must contact us if you believe that you have made an invention for which you can make a patent application.

If you contact us early, we can help ensure that you are aware of how you can best utilise the commercial potential of your research.