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Have you developed new technology, method or a product? At SDU RIO, we offer advice so that you can make the best possible use of your idea in collaboration with companies and investors.

If you are a researcher, you are also an inventor.

If your research results have commercial potential, they may be relevant to companies. SDU RIO will support you in the ongoing development and maturation of your invention, market it to companies and investores and ensure that the necessary agreements are handled.

We offer advice to all researchers from the University of Southern Denmark and the Region of Southern Denmark's hospitals, i.e. employees at SDU and within RSD.


 Read the guide  "An inventors guide - to Technology Tranfer at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the Hospitals of the Region of Southern Denmark (RSD)"




When should I contact the team?

You may contact us if you become aware of potential commercial use of your research results or are curious about how your research could find commercial use. The earlier you contact us, the better . You should contact us if you believe that you have made an patentable invention.


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Last Updated 21.12.2021