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PhD Seminar on Mathematics and Science Education (4 ECTS)

PhD course

The bachelor degree must be passed. Basic knowledge of mathematics and science education (for SDU students this include NAT501 and NAT502).

Responsible teacher:
Associate Professor Claus Michelsen, IMADA.

Additional teachers:
Postdoc Morten Rask Petersen, IMADA.
Postdoc Thomas Albrechtsen, IMADA

Course introduction:
The course is a series of presentations given by research students in science and mathematics education. The course work contains theoretical and practical views on mathematics and science education, mathematics and science curriculum, educational foundations, and educational research.

Expected learning outcome:
The student has insight in classic as well as current research on the practices of learning and teaching in mathematics and the natural sciences, and can give an account of the way these have developed in mathematics and science education as an international research area and its influence on the teaching practice of the subjects. The student is able to apply these perspectives in independent, critical and constructive ways in his/her own research and in oral and written presentations.

Scientific journal articles and parts of books with scientific content in mathematics and science education.

Project assignment. Internal evaluation by teacher. Pass/fail

Deadline of withdrawal:
Deadline for withdrawal from the exam is 7 days before the first exam date.

Teaching method:
The course consists of 4 all-day seminars of presentations by the participating research students and internal or external speakers who present the latest research in mathematics and science education.

This course is taught in English.

The Ph.D. course is offered in collaboration with the Institute of Didactics of Chemistry and Physics, Flensburg University.

Last Updated 04.09.2019