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Specialization Project - The Master’s Final Project

A 40 ECTS specialization is carried out over an entire year: thus, 1/3 semester is used for your introductory project (10ECTS) and subsequent 1/1 semester for the thesis (30 ECTS). The most common timing is that 40 ECTS specialties commence in September, but many of the studies also start 40 ECTS specialties for February.
A 30 ECTS thesis is conducted over a semester - usually from February to June.

In some cases, the thesis can be combined with a ninth semester study project, prior to a 30 ECTS special project.
If you have a subject for a masters project, please feel free to upload it to SDU Jobbank. The format of an entry may be different. We strongly recommend that you highlight your potential and what you can bring to the company. Just like you would during an important interview, high light yourself from the others build a little excitement to distinguish you from the others. If you are in doubt, you can draw on some inspiration from our template, which can be downloaded here .

If you would like the opportunity to meet the students, you can participate for free on Internship and Project Day at the SDU “Praktik og Projektdag” which is held twice a year. Read more about the Internship and Project Day and sign up.

You can contact TEK Innovation consultant Lone Søvad Madsen of Engineering Innovation if you want to know more about the thesis project in general or if you are unsure about which engineering type that can suit your company.

Last Updated 04.12.2019