Business graduate program increases the value of employees in the company

A business candidate is an offer of part-time education for people in work. It is possible for companies to have students employed during their final year of a master's degree. The study period is extended from 2 to 4 years and requires documented employment in a relevant position in min. 25 hours a week.
The business graduate program is a special offer for students who both want to supplement their bachelor's degree with a candidate, but also want to utilize their knowledge in a job.
The Master of Science (MSc) program / Business candidate is also an offer for companies on the upgrading of employees with a relevant bachelor or diploma background.

The Faculty of Engineering currently has approval to offer two graduate programs:

 MSc in Operations Management
 MSc in Software Engineering

There are the same formal admission requirements for the business candidate and the general candidate on the relevant programs. Follow the link for each of the two training programs for information on each of the two programs.

NB: In relation to the Master's degree program in Civil Engineering in Operations Management, companies located in the Triangle area can advantageously contact Peter Engel-Andreasen, Triangle Area Denmark for advice on the scheme and matching with potential future students at the program. Write: call: +45 7979 4012 or +45 2483 6313

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